‘Chalna hi zindagi Hai’ (Walking is Life.)
WalkFoundation is a socio-economic initiative started by Biorad Medisys Pvt. Ltd. to promote this simple fact in every walk of life.

WalkFoundation has been created with the ambition of spreading awareness about Knee Prosthesis in rural areas. The main focus of this foundation is to increase visibility and knowledge- the importance of which is highly underestimated- by stressing on Knee, and ultimately, Hip Prosthesis.

This ‘Life’ initiative aims to primarily increase basic availability and affordability of these crucial medical procedures for the rural market, thereby emphasizing the importance of the ‘knee’ in human lives. By setting up hospitals closer to the rural masses, this approach is designed to eliminate intermediaries and luring costs in order to benefit patients directly.
This will, in turn, break the expensive monopoly of individual Joint replacement specialists traditionally limited to large Metros.

Through this foundation, Biorad will market the Knee Prosthesis through domestic as well as foreign channels- by combining the involvement of various hospitals, nursing homes, local orthopedic surgeons, philanthropic organizations and NGOs.

The Logo of a “footprint” symbolizes the journey designed to improve the quality of walking, and hence the quality of life.