Biorad Medisys

Biorad MedisysPrivate Ltd. is completely dedicated towards a single ambition: Improving lives by reducing the human dependency factor.
Their goals are continually being achieved due to innovative and pioneering medical devices in the field of Urology, Gastroenterology, Radiology and Gynecology. 

Already a market leader in surgical disposals in India, the company now aims to lead the global Orthopedics market by designing, patenting as well as marketing path breaking medical devices associated with Knee Joint Replacement..

This ambitious global journey to the top is well underway- with prominent Pune Orthopedic specialist Dr. K. Sancheti’s patented devices (India’s first indigenous knee implant: The Indus Knee) already being utilized PAN India.
Biorad’s manufacturing facilities are located in Pune and Bangalore. Biorad has also recently acquired an Orthopedic Implant company to scale up manufacturing of Joint Replacement implants.

Biorad Medisys - with its two principal divisions (Indovasive and Orthovasive) has continued with its endeavor in high tech service and product excellence by continuous innovations.