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I am Balaji Sonawane from Aurangabad. Two months back I have undergone a Total Knee replacement surgery with the help of WalkFoundation. Now I have a total relief from pain though it took almost a month to walk normally. I suffered knee pain for almost 3 years and taking medicine to relieve pain. But due to ageing and arthritis the pain become intolerable and I went to seek medical assistance from nearby doctor. One of my friends told me that there is a WalkFoundation center in Aurangabad that conducts free camps for knee pain and proposes the best treatment option. I went to the next camp conducted by WalkFoundation where a reputed surgeon screened me and suggested me to go for knee replacement surgery as I couldn’t bend my knees and the bones had deteriorated to a large extent. I was informed about the facilities being provided by WalkFoundation and was shown results of other patients who had undergone the surgery. After talking to one of the patients who undergone the same surgery I was convinced that it is the best option for me to get relief from pain. I even got financial assistance from one of the banks with help of WalkFoundation that has tie up with the banks. I am glad to come across WalkFoundation that helped me getting relief from excruciating knee pain.
- Balaji Sonawane, Aurangabad
I am Janabai shripat Dighe from Ahmednagar. I want to thank WalkFoundation for helping me getting knee replacement surgery done in Ahmednagar. I was suffering from arthritis that lead to the deterioration in my knee bone resulting in excruciating pain. Initially, I didn’t know about the knee replacement surgery, but after consulting doctors got to know about the same. One of the surgeons, who were associated with WalkFoundation explained me about the benefits of getting the surgery done and the cost of the surgery was too low in comparison with other hospitals. I called the toll free no of WalkFoundation to get more details regarding the services being provided by WalkFoundation. After being satisfied with all the information provided I decided to go for the total knee replacement surgery. After getting the surgery done within one month I was totally relieved from pain. My knee was new and I was able to walk slowly as it was suggested by my physiotherapist. Today, with the help of WalkFoundation and the surgeon I am able to lead a better life.
- Janabai shripat Dighe, Ahmednagar
I am Sneha Dande from Aurangabad. I was suffering from severe knee pain and was not able to do my routine activities and was dependent on family members. It all started with a mild pain in my knee and over a period of time the pain started increasing to an extent that it was unbearable. I was totally unaware about the right treatment for the pain. I visited the doctor but he prescribed some medicines for relieving pain. But this was temporary as the effect of medicine was over it started paining again. Then after taking medicines for a year or so I had other side effects of medicines. Over a period of time the pain become so severe that medicines was ineffective, then the doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Surgeon suggested me to go for knee replacement surgery but the cost to undergo a surgery was very high. Then I came to know about a free check up camp on knee pain to be conducted by WalkFoundation at a nearby hospital. I went to that camp and got to know many things about knee replacement surgery and the facilities being provided by WalkFoundation to get the surgery done. They also helped me getting financial assistance from a bank for the surgery. After screening surgeon suggested me to go for the surgery and it was at almost at fifty percent of the cost that I was told previously. After getting the surgery done I got relief from pain and mobility has improved. Now I can do my routine activities, though I am told not to overdo things so as to have minimal impact on my knee. I really want to thank WalkFoundation for helping me getting relief from knee pain.
- Sneha Dande, Aurangabad
I Mr. Ramasamy had been suffering from severe knee pain for last 10 years. I couldn’t be able to walk properly and my both the legs were unstable. Since I am from a village, I was not aware of the proper remedy and solution for this and hence I had been suffering from this for long time. Recently I came to know about Knee replacement through a campaign conducted by Arvinth Hospital, Namakkal. There I was advised to have a Total Knee Replacement surgery. Then I had undergone Knee replacement for my left knee by Dr. Mani, Aravinth Hospital, Namakkal. They had corrected my Knee with INDUS Knee Implant. Previously it was so unstable, now it has become strait. Now I can walk properly and there is no pain also. I am very much satisfied and happy after the surgery. I am very much thankful to Dr. Mani and INDUS for giving me such a wonderful and comfortable knee.
- Mr. Ramasamy, Namakkal